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Silicon Sports | 18/10/2019

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Academy Players Round 2!

Academy Players Round 2!


With recent changes to the Academy player line up we opened for applications once again. The caliber of players coming through are getting much stronger and we are very happy to announce the latest additions to our Academy program. Here’s what they had to say upon being accepted to the the Silicon Sports Academy.


I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity presented to me by SLCN academy. I hope to become a better player with the help of the other members and maybe even one day become a-part of the main team.


The SLCN academy provides a great opportunity for me to develop and enhance my skills in Starcraft. My ultimate goal in Starcraft is to win a tournament, big or small. Through the help of the academy I believe that my goal can be achieved. As well as skill improvement, the academy also lets me be involved more with the SEA community. I am excited to be apart the team at SLCN and look forward to improving as a Starcraft player.


I am extremely excited to be apart in the Silicon Sports  Academy. I am about to finish year 12 and have good 3-4 months of down time before I move to uni. With this opportunity I believe I can further develop my skills toward showing some top 4 finishes in weekly tournaments and Grandmaster on North America.


Hello, my name is Alistair “Sparrow” St Pierre, I play Terran and I’m from Wellington, New Zealand. Originally I played Warcraft 3 (not competitively) however at the end of last year I decided to switch over to Starcraft 2. Zergs have plagued New Zealand for too long and I’m hoping that with the training and dedication of this team I can put a stop to it. Currently I’m top 8 masters NA and through SCLN I hope to get my name out there and to start competing against the best players SEA has to offer.


Hi! With some time on my hands for the next few months I’ve decided to put my efforts into improving my game. I’m proud to say that SLCNA has given me the chance to have an efficient practice environment. I’m looking forward to getting to know and getting to practice with everyone in SLCNA.

I am proud to say that these new recruits to the program is exhilarating for myself and to the coaches. The addition of the five to the current three, ‘Xormentor’, ‘MissASuzy’ and ‘Plottel’, have already shown great contribution to both the social environment as well as training. With the addition of the latest recruits training has become more vigorous with the number of different meta and strategies possessed by each individual player.

With all the time in the world and the future ahead of us I can see us building into something more than an academy but a team to be trifled with.

Aaron Chung (CautioN)
SLCN Academy Manager