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Silicon Sports | 31/05/2020

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A Post-ACL Kez

A Post-ACL Kez

All the fuss from ACL Melbourne is over and the Australian scene has died down to its usual ranting and forum posts over at So I caught up with Kez because he’s had some time to think about how he went on during the tournament.

C: Hiya Kez! How’s being an abusive Zerg going for you lately?

K: Haven’t been abusing my gf too much lately. A different story for Terrans and Protoss though I must admit…

C: It’s been a few weeks since ACL Melbourne, and the hubbub has died down. Reflecting on your group, how do you feel you went? Do you remember much from each of the games?

K: 0-2 v KingkOng

Game 1 was on Newkirk and I didn’t think he would 9 pool me since the map is as fat as my ass, but unfortunately he did. After taking too much damage his timing killed me :( In game two I was actually fairly ahead from a very early +1 carapace timing that Petrify taught me, but after another 5 or 10 minutes of roach v roach macro and his Korean genes proved to be too good for me :(

1-2 v Fenner

The series with Fenner was relatively close, but I wasn’t playing particularly well. First two games were standard macro games, but being a bit out of practice meant my mechanics weren’t good enough and he had very nice, crisp timings. Game three I went for my patented 9 pool but he defended it beautifully. In retrospect, since the macro games were close enough I probably shouldn’t have gambled, but gambling also distances yourself from holding onto the game too tight and being too worried about the outcome, which cripples my play.

1-2 v ARze

ARze did two wonky gateway sort of timings that abused mothership cores, so he played Protoss perfectly. The game I won was a standard macro game on Akilon where I abused Muta Corrupter well. I’m proud of his cheesing capabilities, but it was annoying when he attempted to play macro with a few of the other players in the group, as he told me he hadn’t practised it as much, and you should ALWAYS use in tournaments what you play and utilise what your strengths are.

2-1 v Savior

We 9 pooled each other twice in a row, I had better micro. Game 3 I went 13/12 life banelings and took an advantage and secured the game, pretty standard stuff lol.

1-2 v JazBaz

This was probably my most frustrating series. For a long time I’ve always regarded Jaz as a very good player, and coming into the 3rd game I was very far ahead after a nice early ling/bane timing when he was going gasless. Smelling blood in the water I went for the kill with a +1 Roach timing, and he BARELY held on with 4-5 spines and roaches of his own. After that his subsequent 1/1 and 2/2 upgrades paid of, and I made a critical error in getting supply blocked as he was pushing, meaning I just barely didn’t hold off his attack. Had I not gone full retard I would have been in a good position to take the game, and the series, from a well respected player and show that I’m not quite as bad as what people make me out to be.

C: So you’ve looked back on all games, you’ve had time to think, what do you do now to pass the time on battle net? Do you jump back into training and get ready for the next big competition. Do you hope to god you get a Hearthstone beta key or do you detox fully by getting away from the game?

K: Going 1-2 in every series bar KingkOng definitely showed me that I have some talent and can/should take matches off well established players, I just need more practice. Unfortunately my preparation for this tournament was nearly non-existent. So atm I’m pretty motivated to play a tonne of games, and hopefully get GM on NA. I plan on just grinding out a tonne of games and improving my macro play, as it’s been quite lacklustre for some time now.

C: Getting back to some Silicon Sports news you and the lads recently went up against Frenetic Array and many said Silicon Sports didn’t have a chance, would you like to remind everyone what the score was?

K: It was 5-3 and nearly a very butthurt iaguz losing to Pezz haha!

C: So what’s next for the mighty Kez? What’s in store for the next few months?

K: Up next is dropping all the weight I gained on my bulk (I love the gym nearly as much as SC2), grinding a tonne of games in preparation for the upcoming ACL and SPR Points tournament that Eddie is hosting, amongst trying to improve my game so I can impart better knowledge to the SLCN Academy guys!

A big thank you to Kez for giving me some time to chat, you can follow him on Twitter @heyitskez and watch him on Twitch and me @CurLFrY, a shout out to Team Silicon Sports and their sponsors Volume Store, USA Foods, and good old Paloma Bar. Thank you!

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