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Silicon Sports | 18/10/2019

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Oceanic Dota Cup #01 Week 1 Results

Oceanic Dota Cup #01 Week 1 Results

The first week of the revamped Silicon Sports Oceanic Cup wrapped up last night and some fantastic games were had. Our very own nForce sat down and summarised the games for those who missed it.

Game 1

Noxious Gaming – Dire

Crystal maiden

BSP – Radiant


A failed smoke gank by BSP, and a 2 for 0 trade to their defensive tri-lane, sees Noxious Gaming get off to a good start in game 1. After their rough start top, BSP switch to a defensive tri-lane of their own giving their alchemist some safe lane farm. This lasts no longer than 60 seconds before Noxious gaming’s Visage and CM rotate to contest his farm in an aggressive tri-lane with Naix.

At the 5 minute mark, all lanes were going Noxious Gaming’s way;

  • Timber has a solo kill against puck and highest net worth on the map.
  • After rotations to and from bottom lane, in and around aggressive and defensive tri-lanes, it seems the cores of Gyro and Naix are ahead of BSP’s Alchemist and weaver.

BSP are on the back foot. They took some fairly favorable trades in the bottom lane and look, again to protect their alchemist’s farm but can never catch a break. It’s that Noxious Gaming are going to contest the Alchemist wherever they can. Rotations are constantly being made to disrupt its farm and this is shown on the networth chart.

At 10 minutes;

  • The three cores of Noxious gaming (Gyro, Naix and Timbersaw) are atop the net worth
  • Noxious gaming have taken all 3 tier 1 towers whilst BSP’s have none.

Weaver is constantly trying to split push but TP rotations all the time help prevent him taking any towers. BSP can’t seem to catch a break and get ahead. Their Alchemist is being taken head on at all costs and can’t find farm anywhere around the map.

Noxious gaming continue to snowball from the laneing phase with the 10,000 XP and Gold advantages reached at 23 minutes. An uncontested Roshan is taken by Noxious Gaming and after securing a bit more farm, they look to take the top barracks. A big team fight breaks out seeing 2 buybacks from BSP but Noxious Gaming are too strong. After taking the top barracks they back off and begin to siege the bottom. Some spirited defense from BSP comes out but it’s not enough. BSP calls GG at 34 minutes.

Game 2

BSP – Dire
Chaos Knight
Bounty Hunter

Noxious Gaming – Radiant
Queen of pain

Game 2 saw BSP pick up the CK wisp combo along with what looks to be a very strong mid game lineup. Razor found himself farming easily against a solo bounty hunter and managed to get a solo first blood too. With trades around the map things are fairly even.

Once Wisp reached level six the fun began for BSP. Two relocate ganks and track kills on razor top saw his early game advantage stunted. At around 10 minutes we see a 2 for 2 trade top but a track kill on razor sees the advantage going to BSP. The score is 6-7, BSP leading. Whilst the relocate ganks are proving ominous for Noxious Gaming, their Lifestealer has had some significant time to free farm the bot lane and jungle.

Noxious gaming is on the back foot. They defensively ward their jungle and farm close together to mitigate the control relocate is having on the game.

20 minutes; 12-12.
Noxious Gaming’s Lifestealer is being left relatively untouched and leads the networth. Their defensive play, farming as 5 and in the fog has seen a significant drop in the number of relocate ganks.

A 5v5 fight outside the Rosh pit at 23 minutes sees a triple kill going to the razor. 3 for 4 trade going Noxious gaming’s way. BSP smokes into Roshan at 26 minutes and takes it uncontested. Meanwhile Noxious Gaming forces down the tier 1 top, but BSP takes the initiative and takes the tier 1 mid. A very favorable trade for BSP.

30 minute mark;

  • Gold graph is roughly even, XP graph is 3,000 towards Noxious Gaming.
  • CK just hit 10,000 net worth only just leading the QoP and Naix.
  • Towers; 4:3 Noxious Gaming lead. All tier 1’s down, tier 2 denied on the top lane.

Noxious Gaming takes 2 more team fights on the back of some well-timed song of the sirens. The first sees a successful tier 3 defense and the second a Roshan last hit. They continue to come out ahead on team fights and BSP are starting to fall behind. The score is 28-21 in favor of Noxious Gaming.

After taking the bottom barracks, Noxious gaming look to pressure the mid lane. They force a 5 man fight under BPS’s tier 3. Noxious Gaming’s safe play through the mid game has seen the early momentum of BSP halted. Noxious gaming is stronger and has greater farm on their core heroes.

BSP tap out at 46 minutes before the mid barracks fall.

Congratulations to Noxious gaming winning 2:0 and being the first team to qualify in to the week 4 final.  The points leaderboard has been updated as well;

Points Leaderboard

  1. BSP – 4 Points
  2. natics – 2 points
  3. iDentity Esports v2 – 2 points
  4. Muffin Gangstas – 1 point
  5. aG – 1 point
  6. TSG – 1 point
  7. YOLOL – 1 point

For full result brackets, signups for next week and all other information about the Silicon Sports Oceanic Cup, check out the landing page.

VODs for the matches can be found on Gardevoir101’s twitch channel.