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Silicon Sports | 22/07/2019

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Five Minutes with StoicWilly

Domination Cup Interview

ACL Melbourne is fast approaching and the Victorian scene is ready for the massive weekend of e-sports that’s just around the corner. With 16 players already seeded into groups and a wealth of sign-up’s for the open bracket, Melbourne is primed and ready to put on a bloodbath.

SLCN.StoicWilly Interview with CurLFrY

StoicWilly at TtpX LAN

CF: Please introduce yourself and tell us how long you’ve been playing StarCraft?

SW: My name is Wilson Mun, I’m from Singapore and I’ve been playing StarCraft 2 for 3 years now.

CF: How would you describe your style?

SW: I would describe my style as a really aggressive style against all 3 races. I think being defensive is kind of boring.

CF: With ACL Melbourne right around the corner, and you being in groups, how is your preparation coming along?

SW: Yer, really good. At the moment I’m just planning out strategies for my group, against PiG, Iaguz and Pezz.

CF: Being placed in a group against PiG and Iaguz is a scary thought for any Aussie player but you also have to play against your team-mate Pezz, what is going on in your head about that group?

SW: It’s really annoying that me and Pezz are in the same group because we are going to have to team kill. It’s going to be tough for us both to get through each other and I haven’t played PiG and Iaguz personally but if I can play some solid macro games I can definitely take them out.

CF: Okay, so right now what is your favourite match up?

SW: TvZ.

CF: Because of widow mines?

SW: LOL, yer totally!

CF: Do you think they are too strong in the match-up?

SW: No, there were spider mines in brood war; I think Zergs just need to get used to it.

CF: Did you play much Brood War?

SW: Not much. Only being able to select 12 units is pretty stupid.

CF: What result are you aiming for at the event?

SW: I’m aiming to get out of groups and make it to the top 4. If I can’t do that I’ll just show some really good games.

CF: I now want you to have a guess at what the next balance change will be.

SW: I think they might nerf Oracle attack speed. I think it is a bit too strong at the moment. Having two Oracles fly into my mineral line and kill everything gets annoying after a while.

CF: On a more serious note, the Australian scene is slowly growing, what do you think it needs to really start kicking it into high gear?

SW: I think overall what it comes down to is that we need more sponsors for the Australian scene More players would have a bigger incentive to practice harder and push everyone to a higher level and that would snowball and make the scene better.

Thanks to StoicWilly for giving us a quick insight and Team Silicon Sports and their sponsors Volume Store, Paloma Bar and Digital Anvil.

You can follow Willy on Twitter @SLCN_StoicWilly


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