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Silicon Sports | 19/08/2019

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CurLFrY Goes to ACL Melbourne

CurLFrY Goes to ACL Melbourne

When the sun rose, ACL staff and volunteers were busy setting up for LoL, Starcraft and Call of duty. But the Silicon Sports StarCraft 2 division only had one thing on their mind, group play and the monster open bracket.

Our rostered players games we not scheduled to start until the late afternoon but the members of the Silicon Sports Academy were able to put on a show for us in the open bracket. With Players like Xormentor and Plottel, we had some very good chances for our players to make it into groups. One of the first stage matches of the day was from our very own Plottel who was due to go up against Xeria Gaming’s Poker. The score from the match ended up 2-0 in favour of Poker, Plottel was sent out of the upper bracket but his tournament was not over there, he had a lower bracket to crush. He quickly dismissed Mclovin in the best of 1 as well as RunaMok but ran into a roadblock when he went up against Djvillan, being bested in the BO1 and falling out of the tournament.

The tournament started to progress but with much confusion caused by the mass of open bracket players. To help this, our very own Kez stepped up to help the ACL staff to get the tournament on track.

Xormentor took it upon himself to start stomping his way through the open bracket because he wanted to prove himself. He took down ElimzkE 2-1, Pox 2-0, ZenAku 2-1 and Savior 2-1 but then lost to Savior in the open bracket group finals 3-2, but he had done what he had came to do, he had qualified for group play!

When group play finally started in the late afternoon of day one, Petrify stepped up to the plate to play some of the best players in the country. First stop, the title fight for the moniker of REALPET in the SEA scene. Needless to say, #DOMINATION > #dedication. Petrify had been gearing himself for this match for a little while and the fruits of his labour paid off, defeating Petraeus 2-0. The title of #REALPET was now his, forever and ever. However, his subsequent games against Megafonzie and HuT didn’t go as planned. Phoenix, however was a different story and they were a strong set of games against the Zerg opponent winning 2-0. Petrify finished up his group with a final score of 2 wins and 3 losses and a final map score of 5-6 and was unable to advance to the final bracket.

In group B, Pezz and StoicWilly opened with a display of TvP which is uncommon in the SEA scene. Out played, Stoic was taken out by Pezz 2-0. Pezz then had to play the monster Terran recently returned from IEM Shanghai. Iaguz showed us he meant business by taking out the Silicon Sports Protoss 2-0. Stoic was then up against PiG who was recently returned from Asus ROG in Finland. StoicWilly was unable to put up the result he wanted falling 2-0 to the Zerg. So far Stoic hadn’t won a single map the whole tournament and things were looking grim when he had to face Iaguz who looked in brilliant form. They played their matches and Stoicwilly had done what Pezz could not, he pushed Iaguz to 3 games! But alas, he was unable to beat Iaguz.

Pezz then trounced the Protoss player Malice 2-0 and then continued his streak by defeating Poker 2-1, finishing the group with 3 wins and 2 losses. StoicWilly on the other hand lost out to Malice 2-1 and Poker 2-0 and finished up his group stage with no wins to his name.

After spending the morning helping organise the open bracket players Kez jumped into his group and went up against the infamous KingKong and was beaten back by the Korean Zerg 2-0. He then went up against Fenner and took it to 3 games but still was not able get a win under his belt. He then went up against Silicon Sports’ Academy player ARze, but still he was not able to get a win. Kez desperately needed a win and his next match was against Savior, and finally after being pushed to 3 games Kez got his win. Shortly after, he lost 2-1 to Jasbaz.

Poor ARze finished up 1-4 for the group with his only win coming from his victory over Kez.

Xormentor had qualified for groups, but was he ready to play with the big boys? Was he ready to test his mettle against players like Rossi and Ninja? Xormentor was able to etch out a win against Pulse but he ended his tournament with a great run in the open bracket but a disappointing showing in the group stages.

Pezz had qualified for the final top 16 bracket. Pezz faced Zerg player Ninja and took him down in a tight series with a brilliant use of phoenixes for harass and solid builds. Pezz had made it to the round of eight and now he went up against the Zerg player from fray who was good form all weekend, so good in fact that Petraeus was able to knock Pezz down 2-0. Pezz then played his consolation match with Jazbas and looked like he would be able to win until Jazbas 6-pooled in game 3. Pezz placed equal 7th with mOOnGLaDe overall in ACL Melbourne, the highest out of all the Team Silicon Sports roster. Great stuff!

The Tournament went on to be won by the Terran player Iaguz who also made grandmaster on korea the same day, 2nd place went to Petraeus and 3rd was taken by PiG edging out Rossi who ended the tournament in 4th.