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Silicon Sports | 18/10/2019

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SLCN Academy Inductees

SLCN Academy Inductees


We had a brilliant response from the StarCraft 2 community when we announced that we were launching our very first Silicon Sports Academy program for StarCraft 2 players. There were many applications, and I would like to thank all those who applied. There were limited spaces, so unfortunately we could not accommodate everyone. Keep working hard though on those eSports goals!

You may have seen a few ‘Tag’ changes with some of your mates recently switching over to the SLCNA tag, so without further ado, I would like to introduce our very first inductees to the Silicon Sports Academy.


Hello! I’m delighted to be apart of the Sillicon Sports Academy. It is a great opportunity to learn and grow as a player. Being part of this team, my immediate goals would be to perform well in the upcoming ACL, and long term goals would be to continue to qualify for other major events. I believe this team will be successful in helping us reach our goals!


After finishing year 12 last year, I took some time off school to focus on Starcraft 2. The SLCN academy is a great opportunity for me to take my play to the best level that it can be, with ideals of one day transitioning into SLCN’s main team. I look forward to representing SLCN and working closely with both my fellow academy members and SLCN’s main team.


The academy will strive myself to become a better player through solid training and practice at the same time taking my interest in competitive gaming to the next level. My immediate goals are to make groups at ACL Melbourne and consistently place top results at local tournaments.


The academy to me is a chance to expand my abilities and reach my full potential, I hope practicing with SLCN academy and other SLCN players can help me achieve my goals.


To me, the Silicon Sports Academy means that I’ll be able to achieve my goals to becoming a good player and being able to participate in a larger range of events. Being chosen to be one of the Silicon Sports Academy players has been a big morale booster to me and I have been able to improve with a better mindset and better environment as the overall team, management, and players are top notch. My ultimate goal is to be able to become a good enough player so that I’ll be able to win tournaments both online and offline.

Be on the look out for these dedicated up and coming players and give them some love. Some of them will be competing at ACL Melbourne (Arze has already qualified for the group stage) and are already on the path to great things.