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Silicon Sports | 14/11/2019

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Silicon Sports Update

Silicon Sports Update

Team Silicon Sports is Adelaide Bound!

As I write this, three members of Team Silicon Sports are on their way to Adelaide to compete in the AVCon StarCraft 2 tournament against some of the best talent in Australia and New Zealand. Kez, Pezz and Petrify all qualified for the $5000 tournament earlier in June. If you are going there as a competitor or spectator make sure you say hi to the guys, they will be easily recognised in their team shirts.

Their practice over the past couple of weeks has been exemplary and we are sure they do very well in their group matches despite some hard hitting opponents. Kez is in group A with KingKong, Petraeus and BigBird and we believe he take it (fake) Pet and KingKong to secure 2nd place. Pezz and Petrify were drawn in the same group so hopefully they can go 1, 2. Their opponents in group D are notorious PiG and JazBas.

Good luck boys, I know you will do us (and Melbourne) proud!

The tournament kicks off on Saturday and concludes on Sunday and will be streamed on the Avant Gaming Series Twitch channel and more info on the tournament can be found on Liquipedia.

You can send your support to the guys on twitter here: @PetrifySC2 @SLCN_Pezz & @HeyitsKez & @SiliconSports of course!

So what is StoicWilly doing this weekend? Well he will be dominating the Melbourne LAN scene at MC Internet Cafe for the Tt Px Melbourne LAN #2. Should be a really good tournament and I think CautioN may be playing as well.

So what else have we been doing?

We recently held the very first PubStomp Melbourne event at Paloma Bar showcasing the DOTA 2 Superleague Grand Final between TongFu & Team DK. I know there were plenty of Clarity’s downed on the night and a few sore heads the next day. Look out for a recap video coming soon from our friend Miles – should be an absolute cracker!

If you haven’t heard, we will be holding another PubStomp Melbourne event in August for The International on the 17th. Due tot he timezone difference between the US and Australia, this isn’t a live stream event but will be more of a ‘Best of TI3’ where we will be able to get you, yes you, more involved on the day. So if you haven’t signed up yet head over to the Silicon Sports event page on Facebook and hit that Join button now!

Blizzard’s new World Championship Series came to a head on June 1st for the Korean finals. BarCraft Melbourne was in full swing once again at the Exchange Hotel and the 250 strong crowd saw an amazing comeback by Soulkey to defeat the powerhouse Terran, INnoVation. There were plenty of competitions and some awesome unit impersonations and dances which were duly rewarded by our sponsor Volume Store. There was also a heap of prizes from VinniCave in their raffle. Blizzard also came to the party with an awesome care package consisting of T-Shirts, Authenticators, Lanyards, Coasters and the number one essential item, BOTTLE OPENERS! Thanks PJ!!! So big thanks to our sponsors for organising those great prizes.

A week later was the Global Finals for WCS. We headed over to Paloma Bar for championship Sunday and enjoyed a lot of drinks and pizza! Tt eSports provided giveaways for the day and I don’t think anyone went home empty handed. The prize of the day was of course the Keyboard Thongs!

Whats happening now?

At the moment we are running some mini BarCrafts during the week to cover the WCS Korea group stages on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you are looking for something to do after work or after Uni/School, come on down to Paloma Bar in the city and join us from 7pm for some StarCraft 2 action. The games have been pretty entertaining so far (hyvaa 6 pool again please!) and they are only going to get better. More details can be found on our BarCraft Melbourne page.

Anyone for IEM? We are currently planning to hold BarCraft Melbourne for IEM so stay tuned for details on that very soon.

As mentioned above, Pubstomp Melbourne I, will be on for TI3 on August 17th. Also on the Dota 2 side of things, Dave ‘EnterHavoc’ Gill has joined Silicon Sports to help run these events as well as bringing the DOTA 2 Oceanic Cup into the Silicon Sports fold. This is a weekly Bo1 tournament with the finals as a Bo3. These are run each Sunday and this weekend will be the 17th tournament so far. Also, if you haven’t done so yet, make sure you join our DOTA 2 Guild ‘SLCN’. Hang out on the ‘Silicon Sports’ chat to get an invite.

So enough on the events, we recently launched the Silicon Sports SC2 Academy and we are very close to announcing the very first inductees. We had a number of applications come through and we want to thank everyone who has applied. More details on the inductees coming soon.

Any one going to PAX Melbourne? Well Synthetic and I will be there wandering the booths and catching up with friends and just generally nerding out. So keep an eye out for us in our Silicon Sports tshirts and come and say hi!

And finally for this update, Team Silicon Sports will be playing at ACL Melbourne in August. Petrify and Pezz have qualified directly into the group stages and it looks like Kez may have snuck in as well. Stoic will be entering through the open bracket unless he catches a break with someone pulling out of the group stages. The boys will be looking for a top finish as this is one of the premier events on the Australian eSports calendar.

I will also be implementing a suggestion box on the website to see what you would like us to do better or more of. So keep an eye out for that as your suggestions will help us build a really exciting eSports community.

So as you can see there is a hell of a lot going on at the moment and a lot more to come. I just want to thank Glenn and Dave for all their help over the past couple of months as it has been invaluable, specially in the last week because I am now a father! My baby girl, Isla, was born on the 4th of July. Words cannot describe how excited and proud I am of her and my wife of course!

So with that all said, I hope to see you at PAX, BarCraft Melbourne, PubStomp Melbourne, ACL Melbourne or online soon!



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