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Silicon Sports | 31/05/2020

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Introducing Team Silicon Sports

Introducing Team Silicon Sports


Silicon Sports is better known for its its regular BarCraft Melbourne event, with acknowledgements from eSports luminaries such as Artosis & Tasteless during their casts of GSL Finals and Blizzard Entertainment at the recent Heart of the Swarm launch in Melbourne. Our aim is to get eSports the recognition we believe it deserves here in Australia. With that goal in mind, we are very excited to announce our first professional gaming team, Team Silicon Sports, [SLCN], for StarCraft 2.


Being a Melbourne based organisation, I very proud to introduce two very talented Melbourne players as our first team members.



Mark Fittipaldi


Henry Yum

[SLCN] Petrify

Petrify will be joining us a player/manager in order to help identify talent in the local scene and build out Team Silicon Sports. I have been following Mark’s progress since he started playing StarCraft 2 with Clan FaDe and he never ceases to impress. Whether it is taking on the cream of the crop in the SEA scene, his tireless work on the NA & KR servers to his innovative approach to combating the meta as StarCraft changes I am sure he will be able to lead the Team in the right direction.
Mark will also be flying to Brisbane this weekend to compete in ACL Pro Brisbane flying the Silicon Sports flag. We wish him the best of luck!
Here are few words from Petrify

My name is Mark ‘Petrify’ Fittipaldi, I’m a 20 year old Zerg player who resides in Melbourne. Outside of gaming I’m a student studying commercial law, and I dabble in acting every now and then.


I’ve been playing StarCraft competitively for maybe a little under a year now. I have a strong passion for video games, specifically e-sports, and I really want to help it grow. I believe Silicon Sports have been doing the right things in this avenue and can really help raise the bar for e-sports in Australia.


My personal goals as being apart of Silicon Sports new team is to not only win as many tournaments as I can but to also help the team expand its player base and put together a really strong core of players. I have a firm belief that Silicon Sports new team will rise to become one of the strongest teams in the Australian StarCraft scene.


[SLCN] RivaL

If you have been to any LANs in Melbourne, then you will know that RivaL is a name to be feared. Over the past 12 months, Henry has been a consistent top two finisher in events such as Respawn LAN, Cydus, AusCraft for WoL and more recently TtHub for HotS. We believe he is a great addition to the team roster and we are sure he will rise to the number one spot in no time.
A few words from RivaL

I am Henry ‘RivaL’ Yum, a 19 year old Zerg player living in Melbourne. I am grateful for this opportunity to be representing Silicon Sports as I am determined as a player to improve and compete for my team. We have a great team foundation with a lot of potential which will make it an exciting time as we strive to reach our goals.


I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new team and the potential it has. Both Mark and Henry are working hard to get those golden tickets (Grand Master) on the SEA, NA & KR servers and we will be there to assist them. There is a great talent pool out there, and I can’t wait to get show the world what we can do on the global stage.
We (rezyn8 & Psynapse) will continue to do our best for the Melbourne and SEA communities with BarCraft Melbourne, tournaments and the promotion of talented players in the local scene. You can always keep in touch with us by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook both at /SiliconSports. You can also join our in game community group as well, so be sure to hang out with us in the ‘Silicon Sports’ group channel.

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