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Silicon Sports | 18/07/2019

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Hey it’s [SLCN] Kez!

Hey it’s [SLCN] Kez!


We are always looking to support the home grown talent and I am thrilled to announce Kerry ‘Kez’ Hopkins is joining Team Silicon Sports as our third player on the roster!



Kerry Hopkins


[SLCN] Kez

Kerry joins Team Silicon Sports as a solid Zerg both in the LAN & Online scene. He also does a bit of content creation the for the SEA community on his stream (you can also follow him @heyitsKez). We are very confident he will bring a lot to the team both from a competitive angle as well as insight into StarCraft 2 itself and the community at large.

A few words from Kez

I’m really excited to be with the Silicon team, having been to various BarCraft Melbourne events and competing against RivaL and Petrify at Melbourne LANs. I’m sure we’ll be a tight team, working hard to improve ourselves!


Notable results

1st, Respawn LAN v23
2nd Place, wt#1
Qualified Group Stage at ACL Brisbane 2012, ACL Sydney 2012, ACL Brisbane 2013
Top 4 In 2 Masters Cups, top 8 in 2 others.
3rd Place, Tt Hub Melbourne Starcraft 2 HotS #1 Tournament


This is a bit of a coup for us and I am thrilled to have Kez on the team. We look forward to helping Kez achieve his goals along with Petrify and RivaL. The Team is now coming together nicely and we have three extremely strong Zerg players on the roster. We are always on the lookout for new talent to help increase the Team’s skill level. So look out for more Team announcements in the future.

Since the launch of Team Silicon Sports, Petrify has represented us at ACL Brisbane. He did extremely well in the Open Bracket despite falling to Nv.deth in the first round to fight his way through the Lower Bracket to qualify for the Group Stage. His run in the LB before qualifying was 10-0!

More recently, Petrify and RivaL took part in mGG’s SEANA Trials Qualifier (Bracket). Both players played extremely well before they both faced mOOnGLaDe in succession. Petrify had a very good top 8 finish. RivaL, however, waved the Silicon Sports flag defeating Azz 2-0 in a great Zerg v Protoss showdown, taking 3rd place and a qualification spot for the SEANA Finals. If we can continue this form then I think we will surprise a few at ACL Melbourne!

Keep in touch with us & the Team by following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook both at /SiliconSports. You can also join our in game community group as well, so be sure to hang out with us in the ‘Silicon Sports’ group channel.

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