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Silicon Sports | 19/08/2019

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From little things, big things grow

From little things, big things grow

What a year! From nothing Silicon Sports have grown so much over the past twelve months.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I announced and hosted the first BarCraft Melbourne event back in March by myself. Would it be a success? Would the internet hold up? Would people turn up?

I only expected a handful of people to come along, however, the numbers kept growing and we had over 300 people crammed into the back room of the Exchange in what was an epic night for the Melbourne eSports community and one that I will never forget.

Needless to say, it was an amazing success! So much so that Silicon Sports has now hosted ten BarCraft Melbourne events over the past year. Highlights of course include the very first event and the amazing reaction of the 400 strong crowd during the MVP v Squirtle finals which shook the foundations of the Exchange when Squirtle’s comeback with the Vortex began. Getting some international recognition with NASL (here & here) and locally being interviewed by New Game Plus were also great.

We are hoping to do a lot more with the Melbourne and SEA eSports scene in 2013. We have already begun our tournament series with the Challenge for lower league players and the Cup for top level players, which were attended and received very well. We will be doing a regular LAN event as well every couple of months. So stay tuned to our website, twitter and facebook for the upcoming details as well as future BarCrafts.

I would like to thank Glenn ‘Psynapse’ Jones, for coming on board with Silicon Sports and helping me through out the year. Also, thanks to all the guys who have volunteered through out the year with BarCraft and the tournaments; all the guys who have casted with us on Twitch for the GPD, Masters Cup, Clan Wars and the Silicon Sports events. Massive thanks to our Sponsors, Tt eSports, USA Foods and the Exchange Hotel – you guys rock!

The biggest thanks has to go to all the people who came to BarCraft Melbourne, played in our tournaments, liked us on facebook, followed us on twitter and watched our streams. Without you we wouldn’t be doing this and you make it worth doing.

Hope you all have had a great Christmas and hope 2013 bring you all the success you aim for!

Lalor ‘rezyn8’ McMahon

Silicon Sports