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Silicon Sports | 24/05/2022

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Thanks & More BarCrafts Coming!

Thanks & More BarCrafts Coming!

What a series! Back and forth macro games and not a single cheese! I am sure the 200+ people that came along were very happy throughout the afternoon and evening.

One of my highlights though has to be the ‘Gangnam Style Dance Off’ after the GSL Finals finished up. Mark was able to get this on video for you to enjoy (pity it is is on its side but you get the idea):

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After GSL we turned on Dreamhack and were able to catch up with a few people for a drink and a chat. We decided we would have a post BarCraft meetup in SC2 for the attendees after we got home from packing up. So Psynapse, Halstrom and I put the word out and we had about 12-15 players in ‘SiliconSports’ chat & skype for some random team games, Marine Arena and Raynor Party. This was some immense fun and something we will be doing again.

Silicon Sports also announced that besides the upcoming BarCrafts on 17th & 18th November for WCS Shanghai & GSL Season 5 Finals on Decmeber 2nd, we will also be launching an online Tournament very soon and LAN at a yet to be determined venue to increase Melbourne’s eSports profile. So stay tuned to, twitter and facebook for details of these events.

Thanks has to be given to Chris ‘Mayo’ Smith & Tt eSports for their ongoing support of Silicons Sports & BarCraft Melbourne supplying prizes and stocking the Silicon Sports booth with discounted gaming gear.

Thanks also to Phil ‘InfeZa’ Bertino & USA Foods for supporting us as well with their awesome Mothership, Stim Pack and Overlord drinks.

Massive thanks to the Exchange Hotel as well for giving me free reign to do whatever is needed to put on a good show and providing excellent service at the Bar and great food.

Thanks to Glenn ‘Psynapse’ Jones, Darren ‘Halstrom’ Lang & Jeremy Barnes for their time and effort during the before, during and after the event.

Lastly, a massive thanks to all of you who came out and supported us, StarCraft 2 and eSports. Without you there would not be such an awesome event as BarCraft Melbourne.


Lalor ‘rezyn8’ McMahon

Silicon Sports