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Silicon Sports | 22/07/2019

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BarCraft Melbourne Review

BarCraft Melbourne Review

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Mayo & rezyn on Stage (photo by Smashngrab)♥♥♥

To the 350 eSports fans that turned up to The Exchange Hotel in Melbourne on March 3rd for the GSL Season 1 Finals – you WERE BarCraft Melbourne. I thank each and every one of you for making it such an awesome event.

BarCraft Melbourne was roughly three to four months in the making. This was due in part to the fact that the pubs and hotels in Melbourne’s CBD are mostly using dial-up for their internet connection or have no internet connection at all! The Exchange Hotel deserves a massive thanks as well for taking a chance with Silicon Sports and the eSports scene.

Thanks also to Chris (Mayo) from Tt eSports and Phil (inFeZa) from USA Foods for sponsoring the event as well. It is greatly appreciated.

Special thanks to Glenn (Psynapse) for helping me out on the night when I was run off my feet and also big thanks to Mark (SmashnGrab) for taking photos throughout the night, check them out on Flickr!

To say Melbourne’s first ever BarCraft event was a success, is a gross understatement. It was an amazing event that blew me away. The feedback has been fantastic and I glad to say that there will be plenty more, starting with BarCraft Melbourne #2 on May 19th.

Just a bit of background. I have been wanting to do something for the eSports community for a long time since hanging up my admin roles with OZQ3F, OQCL and AUSRA3 a while back. I was then inspired by Day9 preaching what is now gospel in the eSports scene, “Just fucking do it!”. I heard about the Sydney BarCraft and how much people enjoyed it, and saw no one was taking up the mantle in Melbourne. So I ran a quick survey to see how viable the event would be and it came back with a resounding 274 yes votes from 281 respondents. 94% were over the age of 18 and 69% wanted to see the GSL Finals. It had to be done.

The search was on for a venue. This was the most difficult part to say the least. The countless hours of research and contacting various venues throughout Melbourne, St Kilda, Brunswick etc was frustrating. Mainly due to the fact that no one had a reliable internet connection or really knew what one was. Then I happened on the Exchange Hotel via a work Christmas Party and had a good chat to the events manager that night. The rest is history.

BarCraft Melbourne - The Second Coming

As mentioned before, BarCraft Melbourne #2 will be held on May 19th at The Exchange Hotel for the GSL Season 2 Finals. I have received a lot of feedback and am ensuring that the second coming will be bigger and better with more screens, better audio and everyone should be a lot more comfortable. So make sure you and your friends register for the event via the Silicon Sports facebook page and I will see you there!

If you have any feedback, drop me a line either on facebook, twitter, here on the website or email to [email protected]

Also, if you would like to sponsor or partner with BarCraft Melbourne, please send an email to [email protected]

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