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Silicon Sports | 06/07/2020

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BSGCL Review – FaDe (A) v bTd

BSGCL Review – FaDe (A) v bTd

This article excerpt was written by Nuisance & pictures from FaDeHalstrom’s stream, both from Clan FaDe. You can read the full article at SC2 SEA and also find out about the ‘Bronze Silver Gold Clan League‘ there as well.

FaDe A is currently ranked 3rd on the standings with 2 wins and 0 losses. BtD on the other hand are currently in the 7th position with 1 win and 1 loss. Nonetheless, statistics dont count when its just the start of the season!


FaDe A’s previous match was against TA where they won 4-2 thanks to the efforts of Ricochet (Z) winning 3 games in a row followed by ZeroAbsolute (P) taking it home for the team with a nailbiting finish. BtD’s first loss of the season was against KA where the double terran Menace: Falcon (T) and Aeon (T) showed them the righteous ways of Emperor Mengsk. It ended in KA’s favour 4-2.

Will FaDe A extend their winning streak to 3 wins in a row or will BtD redeem themselves after a crushing defeat? btw fade a fighting. /bias


rezyn (T) vs Beacon(P) – Lost Temple
rezyn spawns at the 8 oclock position while Beacon spawns at the 2oclock position. Cross spawns. rezyn opens up with a variation of 3 rax into reactored Medivacs. Beacon on the other hand opens up with 3 gate robo into expand. rezyn goes for early double octo drop. Beacon spots the drop and immediately repels it putting himself in a huge economic lead as the expansion completes. rezyn on the other hand fortifies his expansion with tanks and 3 bunkers.

  Pull out before shit happens. Sixth Sense. 

Mid game: Both players get supply blocked for quite some time and thus halting any kind of agression from both sides. rezyn continues to mass up Marine Marauder and tanks while securing a ninja expansion on the bottom corner. DT tech for beacon as he notices the lack of missile turrets in rezyn’s base with his observers. rezyn attacks his own units with siege tanks thanks to a misclick. DTs run in at the same time rezyn shells his own units.


Not much permanent econ damage done to rezyn as he uses 2 scans to clear the dts. First huge engagement goes to Beacon as rezyn’s raven got sniped and the DTs were left undetected. Huge loss to rezyn but Beacon oddly falls back instead of capitalizing after winning that decisive battle.

Beacon continues to macro up to 4 bases and oddly enough discovers rezyn’s ninja 3rd base. Unfortunately rezyn has been mining from that for quite some time.

Huge mistake by beacon. He accidentally splits his army into 2 and the other half at the xelnaga tower gets obliterated by 2-2 marines and marauders. Beacon’s high probe count from 4 bases hurt his army supply as rezyn’s m&m squad easily eliminates a divided force of toss units.

rezyn smells weakness and goes in for the kill. Beacon GGs, Mengsk’s forces prevail once again. FaDe A goes up 1-0 to BtD. Next challenger incoming!

Nui’s Honest opinions:
– Beacon had that game in the bag after the first drop failed and was in a commading economical lead.
– Macro wise from both sides need improvement as theres constant supply blocking
– 1 turret and 1 bunker at the front of ur natural will help to deter frontal DT assaults (sounds kinky) and the occasional blind observer rally points in lower leagues
– The raven snipe was huge and Beacon wouldve won if he waited for 1 or 2 warp cycles and attacked after winning the first engagement
– rezyn needed more drops as a toss unprovoked will have a deathball of doom
– Beacon won the game until he split his army in half, thats what the terran wants you to do so he can avoid fighting a deathball

Want to see how the match finished between FaDe and bTd, read the full article over at
I fail miserably lol!