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Silicon Sports | 31/05/2020

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Season 3 Unleashed

Season 3 Unleashed

Earlier this morning, Season 3 kicked off with a couple of surprises in the new map pool. The biggest surprise being the removal of Metalopolis. Blizzard correctly identified there is a problem with close positions on the map and thus made the call to remove it. They knew this would have a fair bit of an effect on the community and duly posted an explanation to support their decision which be read here.

One other thing I have noted is that the pool only has one two player map in circulation now that Scrap Station has been removed. It certainly seems that Blizzard are encouraging macro oriented play with the larger four players maps dominating the 1v1 scene now.

Will need to check out the new maps tonight to see how they play out as there is not much information about the new maps floating around. May need to do a little fly-by and point out the key features for everyones benefit.

1v1 Season 3 Map Pool
Season 3 Map Pool Removed
Abyssal Caverns (4) Scrap Station (2)
Antiga Shipyard (4) Slag Pits (4)
Nerazim Crypt (4) Delta Quadrant (4)
Searing Crater (4) Metalopolis (4)
Backwater Gulch (4)
Shakuras Plateau (4)
Tal’Darim Altar (4)
The Shattered Temple (4)
Typhon Peaks (4)
Xel’Naga Caverns (2)

For all other map pool changes (2v2, 3v3, 4v4 & FFA), view the post on

Here are the notes from the TL SC2 Wiki on the new maps in the 1v1 pool:

Abyssal Caverns: Your first expansion is easy to defend but additional resources are harder to protect. Rocks can be destroyed to open up additional paths or resources. A Watch Tower marks the center of the map.

Antiga Shipyard: Taking the correct 2nd expansion is the main difference on this map. Choose between the safer, high ground normal expansion or the more dangerous but more rewarding high yield expansion.

Nerazim Crypt: Rush distance from your base to your opponent’s base is fairly close. Watch out for early enemy attacks. Control of the central Watch Towers is extremley important.

Searing Crater: Take advantage of the easily protected natural expansion. Controlling the center Watch Tower will be very advantageous. Be cautious of attacks coming from less visible areas.