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Silicon Sports | 18/07/2019

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I’m Back

I’m Back

Hell its been a while! Too much RL work going on and organising a big trip overseas in a couple of months has been keeping me from my passion – GAMES!

Needless to say, laddering in StarCraft 2 has been non-existent since FaDe Open 3. I think I have only played three ladder games in that time for two wins and I am still in bronze. Regardless, my new mechanical keyboard has just arrived. The Filco Majestouch 2 104 keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches. Can’t wait to get this home and give a good thrashing. I am certain it will be a giant leap considering I am using a cheap Logitech membrane keyboard at the moment. So expect a quick review in a week or two.

Being the start of July, it also heralds Steam’s giant Summer Sale – an 11 day sale full of huge discounts and a ticket redeeming system for DLC in the prize booth. You can get tickets by complete objectives for certain games or joining steam groups. As such each item in the prize booth can be redeemed for three tickets each. There is also a chance to win your top 10 games from your Steam Wishlist. Doesn’t look like there is a HOUWAR-like hat at the end though for completing all the objectives. Needless to say, it is going to be fun getting these special achievements.

Also on the Steam front – Team Fortress 2 is now free to play. I believe the Mann Co. store can be thanked for this. I wonder if Valve will release any new games (DOTA2?) as free to play straight off the bat?

On a side note, I am getting excited for Battlefield 3. I dropped so much time into BF2 in pub and competitive play – it was truly a great FPS. BF3 looks like it has the goods from all the clips released of the game play and the visuals. definitely a must have when it is released in October. Until then, it will be SC2, SC2 and more SC2 and maybe some Freecell.

So expect some more regular updates over the next couple of months on my laddering and the Filco review coming soon.