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Silicon Sports | 18/07/2019

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Slow Week, Lose Rank

Slow Week, Lose Rank

It’s been a bit of a slow week in StarCraft 2 for me. Not many ladder games played as I have been distracted by a little project I hope to launch soon and also by the worlds best hat simulator ever made – TF2! But I did manage to get some games in, regardless.

My record this week was 8-6 against mostly my weakest match up, Terran v Terran. The encouraging thing to take is that I won six of nine of the TvT match-ups over th past seven days. So that is some good news. But as a result of not playing many games and the ladder being a lot more competitive, I have dropped to 30th on my bronze ladder. But then again, still only about 170 points from the top eight.

I am still having a bit of trouble with my stream – just need a bit of time to test it and tweak it. I wish we had fiber here in Australia! It would make a lot of things easier. I envy Singapore and Hong Kong with their connectivity options! Speaking of which, I will be in Hong Kong in late May for work, might try and organise a meetup unless I end up at the casinos in Macau!

Back to my game play. I am slowly improving on my build orders and am play testing a couple of builds in certain match ups. I seem to be pretty comfortable in TvZ games, specially if they go baneling bust. I am no pro of course, but I laugh when I see Zerg them six pool. I got totally owned however, in one match were one guy went for a heavy infestor build. Fungal is so powerful en masse! I did let myself down with badly disguised Banshee and blue flame hellion drops – Xel’Naga Towers on Xel’Naga Caverns were my downfall – sadface :(

Regardless I think I am getting better. Have only played one silver player (who disconnected 14 seconds into the match – FREE WIN!) but mostly high level bronze. So hopefully I can keep improving my record and W:L ratio to over 50%, its currently at 47% at a 37-39 record. Need to ladder more though:p

Lesson #5: Know your maps

I have considered voting out some maps, but then decided against it. Mainly due to the fact you never know what maps you will be given in certain tournaments. Thus is you have a base understanding of most maps, you will be a more accomplished player. As a part of this, knowing how to play certain maps can be very advantageous. My game above on XNC and the failed drops I believe was my downfall. If I had of known or remembered the tower vision area I possibly could have crippled his economy and maybe got a win.

Lesson #6: Ladder more

Availability changes each week, so I can’t guarantee I am going to play 50 games each week (its taken me three weeks now to play almost 80 matches – which is almost the same amount I played for the entire first season!). As a result, you are going to lose your ranking because the ladder is extremely dynamic in nature. Don’t let this upset you, its just the nature of the beast and how Blizzard have implemented the ladder. Just aim to use up you bonus pool  the next time you get on the ladder.

SEA Grandmaster Ladder

The Grandmaster Ladder has opened up this week and some congratulations needs to be sent out.’s very own aLtnirvAnA doing very well at the top in second spot behind Team inFinity’s inFiSpider by 1 single point (at the time of writing) and nGenLight a little further back. But the most impressive record on the SEA ladder is mOOnGLaDe with 24-1 record at the moment. Great work guys! SEA REPRESENT FIGHTING!

Trax Gaming

A couple of mates are starting up a gaming lounge in  Melbourne and will be holding a massive Easter weekend tournament to launch Trax Gaming. Head over to or for more info. I am trying to free up my calendar for the StarCraft 2 tournament to do some live casting and play as well. Other tournaments include TF2, CS:S, CoD4, DotA and Bad Company 2. It is sure to be an awesome weekend.

GSL Code S May

Don’t forget GSL May starts on April 18th, make sure you get your ticket to the HQ stream (and VODs) to support eSports and all the foreigners fighting in Code s and A! The groups have already been drawn and the schedule is up.

See you on the ladder sometime… one day… maybe…