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Silicon Sports | 18/08/2019

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Dark Angels DLC Released for Retribution

Dark Angels DLC Released for Retribution

THQ has released the Dark Angels skin pack for Dawn of War II: Retribution. Available on Steam for US$7.49.

Update: Looks like Collector’s Edition owners get the DLC for free. Nothing here yet though… If you are a Collector’s Edition owner, post in the official forums here to receive your DLC code. You have until the 13th April 6pm PST to do this and receive a code.

I don’t believe it adds anything to the game other than a purely cosmetic alternative skin to the Blood Ravens and Multi-player modes as there do not appear to be any new models or wargear included from what people have been saying on SPUF (despite the media release below).

Bit of a rip-off really. Will have to wait for it to hit bargain basement status for 49c!

The Dark Angels Pack adds the iconic Space Marine chapter to the game with eight unique models for the major multiplayer units as well as new color schemes for the others.

The Force Commander is replaced by a Dark Angels Company Master complete with winged helmet, the Tactical Marine squad all sport the iconic Dark Angels robes.  Additionally, the Scout Squad, Assault Marine Squad and Terminators all receive similar chapter-specific revisions. The Space Marine vehicles also get a visual makeover with this DLC pack, adding custom designs and emblems to differentiate them from the standard vehicles.