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Silicon Sports | 06/07/2020

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It’s Laddering Time!

It’s Laddering Time!

Ok, I have completed most of the challenges, a lot of custom game achievements (for both co-op and 1v1) as well as the Wings of Liberty campaign on brutal. So what next? It must be Laddering time!

Laddering, I know, can be a bit daunting getting into the multi-player scene for new players. I get scared thinking about horror 0-10 losing streaks and it makes me nervous firing up StarCraft 2 or just thinking about playing a real life human! However, it can be a very rewarding aspect of the game. And if you are good enough, it can be very profitable, GSL anyone? Hopefully this series will allow you to learn from my mistakes and get to the league you want to be in.

I am not a ‘pro’ by any means. I don’t play 50 games a day, so this is more for the everyday gamer looking for ways to improve their game. It’s primarily targeted towards new players and I will be starting from the Bronze league on the SEA servers. I hope to do a review on my progress each week highlighting some of the things I have learnt so that you can also learn from my mistakes. If you have any tips or suggestions on my game play, please let me know here in the comments section.

I am currently in the Bronze League of Kerrigan Sigma with 19 wins and 23 losses and sitting 30th on the ladder. I have thought about playing Protoss, but that just seems a bit of an easy way to do things at this stage with the way the GSL is going and the current balance setup. I may change between Terran and Protoss as I go along, but will remain Terran for the time being. I am, of course, a Terran at heart lol! As a side note, I am not very good as Zerg so they are out of the question. This is my profile on the SEA servers on and, if you want to keep tabs on me. My aim is to be in the top eight of each 1v1 league I am. Obviously with the ladder reset next Tuesday, there won’t be any promotions at the moment and it might be a little difficult getting top eight in Kerrigan Sigma for Season 1 as I am 1100+ points behind!

You can catch my games on and by all means leave comments either in the livestream chat or comments section here. If anyone has any tips on improving my stream, please let me know. You can also catch me on StarCraft II Chat Channel ‘siliconsports’ when I am online. I may implement some forums here to discuss things but will see if it is needed.

So come on the journey with me as I try to ladder up through the leagues and learn a lot of hard lessons along the way.

StarCraft II Chat: siliconsports

I will also be casting games for the March FaDe Monthly Open on Saturday 26th March from 4pm AEST.