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Silicon Sports | 18/07/2019

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Terran Bunker Rush

Terran Bunker Rush

Being an achievement hunter, I have been grinding away to get the Custom Game achievements for a little while now and I thought I would show some different methods on how to beat Insane AI opponents. First up is the Terran Bunker Rush.

A little background on the Custom Game achievements is needed first. In order to get the Insane AI Romp achievement, you need 100 wins against Insane AI opponents. But to make it a little more interesting you ‘should’ play as random so that these will count towards the lower AI achievements as well. Playing as random will allow you stack wins for the Medium AI achievements for Random and Protoss/Terran/Zerg achievements as well as the Hard and Very Hard AI Romp achievements. The other thing to note is that the Insane AI gets a mining boost, so trying to out macro the AI is next to impossible thus you need to distract them from mining in order to get ahead. Thus early pressure will win the game for you in most circumstances.

Being a low level player, this didn’t really suit me when I rolled Zerg as my race for the match – it is my worst race in the game, but it is getting better! So I pretty much stuck to Terran and Protoss early on. Having said that I now have most of the Custom Game achievements with the Medium AI Random/Zerg achievements lagging behind.

The Bunker Rush can be used effectively against both Terran and Protoss. Against Zerg it has some limited success as they usually rush to Roaches which tear apart the bunkers and marines.

For this walk through, I will be doing a Terran v Protoss match up. It is highly effective against Protoss as they do not have any ranged units in the early game. By the time they get Stalkers out you almost have critical mass in Marines and bunkers which shred through them in no time.

The map in use is Agria Valley due to its short rush distance and it has a nice ledge that you can exploit to advance your bunkers into the AI’s mineral line. This is do-able for the Insane AI Rush achievement as well as the AI will gg around 4:30-40 if you disrupt mining quickly. The clip below does is a bit slow at 6:26.

A couple of important timings include:

Sending the first produced SCV to the ledge to build a Supply Depot and then a Barracks as soon as possible.
Send a second SCV to build the second Barracks when the first has begun construction.
Use the first SCV to build a bunker close to the ledge and start producing Marines.
Make sure to send your SCVs to the high ground to give your bunker vision and build your second Supply depot when you have three marines in the Bunker.
The bunker will destroy the Zealots that attack the depot on the high ground.
Start rallying your Marines to the high ground and build a second bunker in range of the first.
Continue advancing into the mineral line with bunker, salvaging rearmost bunkers as you go.
Soon enough, you will disrupt the mining of the AI and it will subsequently gg

Here is a short clip of it in action:

The build order I use is as follows:

7/11 – SCV
8/11 – SCV
9/11 – SCV
9/11 – Supply Depot
9/19 – Barracks – send second SCV to rax proxy for second rax
10/19 – SCV
11/19 – SCV
11/19 – Barracks – send second SCV to high when finished
11/19 – Bunker – use first SCV, send to high ground when finished
12/19 – Marine – Rally on bunker for both rax
13/19 – SCV
14/19 – Marine
15/19 – Marine
16/19 – Marine
17/19 – Supply Depot
17/19 – Marine – Start rallying on high ground
18/19 – Marine
19/19 – Marine
19/19 – Bunker – Place in range of first bunker
20/27 – Marine
21/27 – Marine
21/27 – Bunker
22/27 – Marine
23/27 – Marine
23/27 – Bunker

Stay tuned for the Spine Crawler Zerg v Zerg Insane AI and the Protoss Cannon Rush.