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Silicon Sports | 18/10/2019

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FaDe Monthly Tournament

FaDe Monthly Tournament

Clan FaDe are holding their first monthly tournament on the SEA servers which is open to all leagues. I will be playing and then casting once I get knocked out – most likely first round! Hopefully will have some dual commentary with meatex and BoxeR. You can catch the stream at and HD versions will be up on the YouTube channel as well.

Here are the tournament details and the brackets are here:

Clan FaDe would like to welcome you to our first monthly open tournament this weekend. We want to stay involved with the SEA community and hope to get to know you guys better through this tourney. Check out our site at

Requirements – none. Open to all.
Prize – Fun, friends, and fame! Priceless intangibles ;)
Time – Saturday 19th Feb 12 PM SGT (GMT + 8)
Rules – 64 players, single elimination. Bo3 from Ro64 to Ro4. Bo5 for Finals.
Place – SEA battlenet server
Sign up – post name.ID# rank below
Check in – join ‘FaDe Open’ chat channel by 11:45 AM SGT. Please be on time. Your spot will be given to back-ups if you are not here.
Maps – First map is set as specified. Loser picks next map.
RO64: Xel’naga Caverns
RO32: Metalopolis
RO16: GSL Legacy of the Void
RO8: Shakuras Plateau
RO4: GSL Crossfire SE
Finals: Xel’naga Caverns

Map Pool: Blistering Sands, Steppes of War, Metalopolis, Shakuras Plateau, Lost Temple, Xel’naga Caverns, Scrap Station, Delta Quadrant, GSL Legacy of the Void, GSL Crossfire SE, GSL Crevasse, GSL Terminus RE.