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Silicon Sports | 22/07/2019

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Dawn of War II: Retribution Pre-orders now available

Dawn of War II: Retribution Pre-orders now available

THQ and Steam have released their pre-order offers and exclusives for the next installment of the Dawn of War II franchise, Retribution. Retribution carries on from the first expansion, Chaos Rising, but it now has six playable races in the single player game as well as in multiplayer.

The game is priced at US$29.99 for download via Steam or THQ’s online store. Unsuspecting Australians who purchase the game via Steam will be charged US$59.99! Again, us poor Australians cop it, being charged twice the amount for the exact same content via Steam Australia. Something really needs to be done about this imbalance of charges set for digital distribution.

Anyway, your expansion purchase will allow you to pick which race exclusives you want from the six races available. Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Orks (Wargear exclusives are Steam only), Eldar and Tyranids (Wargear exclusives are THQ Online Store only) are the six playable races. If you can’t decide which race to get, then THQ has the answer, The Collector’s Edition. This is a physical purchase, but you will have all the exclusives for all six races. The exclusive wargear for each race can be found below.

So in summary, if you are looking for a digital copy of the expansion, the prices are as follows:

AU Steam: US$59.99 (Seriously WTF!)
US Steam: US$29.99
THQ US: US$29.99

THQ Collector’s Edition: US$39.99 (Not available outside the US)
EB Games Australia Collector’s Edition: AU$58.00

Here are the Wargear Exclusives for each of the six races:

Tyranids (THQ Online Store Exlcusive)

  • Venomous Talons – Attacks upon the enemy now have a guaranteed chance to stun and poison them for a short duration
  • Poisonous Cysts – After taking a fixed amount of melee damage your Swarmlord will now spray a poison cloud that damages your enemies
  • Shadow in the Warp – When hit you now convert some of that damage to energy to power your abilities
  • Warp Field – Calls forth an energy shield to protect your character from damage

Imperial Guard

Space Marines

Chaos Space Marines

Orks (Steam Exclusive)


Collector’s Edition