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Silicon Sports | 19/08/2019

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Code S Group G Results

Code S Group G Results

I did not get to see this match live as I was finishing off some encoding but judging from what the TL forums were say MarineKingPrime.WE was true to his name buidling mass marines and medivacs but TSL_Clide mixed it up a little and added some marauders into his marine/medivac army. Interestingly, both players not looking to tech up, but we never really see MarineKing play anything else but marines, so Clide was on the money here. The marauders were the telling factor, tanking the damage and allowing his marines to put the pain on MarineKing and allowing TSL_Clide to take down the first match.

The next matchup was a PvT betweene SlayerSLegalMind and ZeNEXLiveForever. ZeNEXLiveForever went for a banshee build but did not go for cloak. This could have swung the game in his favour. SlayerSLegalMind put the rush on LivForever and looked to be in the box seat walking through LiveForever’s base. However, LiveForever was able to get two banshees out before he started lifting his building off.

It looked like it might head to a draw with the banshee harass on the protoss mineral line and the terran buildings lifting off into deep space. But LiveForever did not focus down the probes but rather the nexus and this allowed LegalMind’s stalkers to get back to defend the probes and nexus so mineral mining could begin again.

If cloak had been researched, the outcome of this match could have been entirely different.

TSL_Clide took out the third match with some early harass then realising that his opponent went double barracks while he was teching to banshees. As a result he knew the all in was coming and headed back to his main and started fortifying his ramp. Clide microed well through the tight chooke of his bunkers using his scv’s to tank while he concentrated on ZeNEXLiveForever’s marines. Then Clide’s banshee popped and it was all over as ZeNEXLiveForever had to gg as he had nothing left to take down the banshee or mine for that matter.

Clide was now 2-0 and at the top of the group and with MarineKingPrime.WE playing SlayerSLegalMind in the next match I am sure he felt safe taking out the top seed for group G.

A quite slow rush from SlayerSLegalMind with three gate/robo where he had bad placement of his production buildings where the immortals had to take the scenic route to get to the rally point. MarineKingPrime.WE had expanded, but he had three barracks pumping out marines and marauders and was able to easily counter the eventual rush and then walk into SlayerSLegalMind’s base. It seemed SlayerSLegalMind really did not have a plan for MarineKingPrime.WE and was out of his depth in this game.

This put both players at 1-1 and they would face off to determine the final standings.

So the final match of the night was set on Steppes of War between SlayerSLegalMind and MarineKingPrime.WE. Going from what happened previously, you would have to put your money on MarineKingPrime.WE to take second spot in the group.

Wow what an amazingly close match! MarineKingPrime.WE changed his build to include tanks for a slow contain on his opponent whereas SlayerSLegalMind went a four gate rush.

LegalMind made the first move and looked to have MarineKing on the ropes. Micro saved him – and the fact that he was able to pump out re-enforcements close to the battle with hs double reactor rax. The game seemed to see-saw between to the two until MarineKing was able to get his third tank. This pushed LegalMind back to his base which allowed MarineKing to put in place his earlier plan of a siege-contain and ultimately the match.

So MarineKingPrime.WE advances to the Round of 16 along with Artosis’ favourite, TSL_Clide!

GSL Code S Ro32 Group G

Match 1: TSL_Clide [T] def MarineKingPrime.WE [T] on Xel’Naga Caverns
Match 2: SlayerS_LegalMind [P] def ZeNEXLiveForever [T] on Delta Quadrant
Match 3: TSL_Clide [T] def ZeNEXLiveForever [T] on Steppes of War
Match 4: MarineKingPrime.WE [T] def SlayerS_LegalMind [P] on Metalopolis
Match 5: MarineKingPrime.WE [T] def SlayerS_LegalMind [P] on Steppes of War

P Player G W L Status
1 TSL_Clide 2 2 0 Advances to Ro16
2 MarineKingPrime.WE 3 2 1 Advances to Ro16
3 SlayerS_LegalMind 3 1 2 Up and Down Matches (Double Chance)
4 ZeNEXLiveForever 2 0 2 Up and Down Matches

Code A Round of 32 Match Results

Match 13: FOXMoon [Z] def BitByBitPrime.WE [T] 2-1
Match 14: ST_August [T] def GuineaPigCommando [P] 2-0

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