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Silicon Sports | 03/06/2020

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Code S Group F Results

Code S Group F Results

We have some big names in Group F. NaDa, InCa, MC anyone?! I think sanZenith is way out of his depth here. Will be interesting to see how far MC’s ego gets him. I have never seen anyone so super confident before, even with his own teammates.

oGsNaDa and oGsMC faced off on Shakuras Plateau in diagonal positions for the first match of the night. MC tried a quick zealot/stalker rush but NaDa easily repelled the harass. This allowed both to fast expand in their naturals. NaDa though pressured sure afterwards with rines/rauders taking out all of MC’s sentries.

MC dropped his third expansion as NaDa started moving up with his marauder heavy army supported by vikings and medi vacs but MC had way too many stalkers. MC did lose his colossi though. MC teched to blink stalkers to give his massive stalker army more mobility. And took out NaDa’s second army push. From there, MC was on cleanup and once NaDa’s second expansion was destroyed, NaDa gg’d.

oGsInCa and sanZenith were the second cab off the rank with Metalopolis the battleground. OMG! Will Zenith fail in under 10 minutes again? oGsInCa dropped a pylon/forge and gate behind the smoke in sanZenith’s main and it was all over in under 10 minutes. Cheese PvP from InCa but there is a lot of money on the line so a win is a win. I feel bad for sanZenith though.

I hope sanZenith can pull something out of the bag and beat oGsMC in the next match. But due to the fact oGsMC did not want to use a monitor for his match against sanZenith and disputing the rules with the tourney admins, the next match will be oGs temmates, InCa v NaDa on Delta Quadrant for a PvT match.

InCa went proxy robo while NaDa built a MakaRax; NaDa tried moving into InCa’s main but suspected something sneaky from his teammate. Sure enough InCa goes immortal to charge NaDa’s base, but he is able to stim very well todeflect the attack. However, this allowed a contain on NaDa. This lead to a lot of pressure from InCa, teching to colossus, but did not really push the button in terms of walking into NaDa’s main. NaDa was then allowed time to build up his vikings and marine/marauder force and make a drop outside his main without InCa knowing and then make a move on the contain force, obliterating it and then destroying the robo proxy. This left InCa with absolutely nothing in terms of army units.

NaDa pressed the button keeping the pressure up and destroyed InCa’s first expansion resulting in InCa gg’ing.

oGsMC forced the issue with sanZenith with a blink stalker build that was a perfect counter to san’s void ray build. san possibly could have lasted a bit longer if he did not move out his stalkers, but this one was already in the bag for MC. Another game under 10 minutes for sadZenith…

The battle for second and third would see either InCa or NaDa move on to the round of 16 as MC wrapped up first with two wins whereas poor sanZenith was battling for Code S at the bottom of the group.

The last match of the night should be good with InCa and NaDa facing off again, this time on Lost temple. Both players expanded to their natural which was good play considering their positions. So not much happened early game. But NaDa did a timing push with his marines and marauders and took out InCa’s expansion with ease due to some bad shield placement from InCa.

With the success of that timing atack, NaDa took his gold, and was by far in front and put a contain on InCa. NaDa pressured again but could not finish the match there so took his fourth base. InCa kept with his colossus build off two bases. But the contain really had InCa at a disadvantage with his NaDa taking his fifth base.

The final battle saw the colossi go down quite quickly to the vikings while the perfect concave spread on the NaDa’s ground forces dealt with InCa’s forces and resulted in a convincing win for NaDa to take second place and advance to the Round of 16.

GSL Code S Ro32 Group F

Match 1: oGsMC [P] def oGsNaDa [T] on Shakuras Plateau
Match 2: oGsInCa [P] def sanZenith [P] on Metalopolis – CHEEEEEESE!!!!!!!
Match 3: oGsNaDa [T] def oGsInCa [P] on Delta Quadrant
Match 4: oGsMC [P] def sanZenith [P] on Metalopolis
Match 5: oGsNaDa [T] def oGsInCa [P] on Lost Temple

P Player G W L Status
1 oGsMC 2 2 0 Advances to Ro16
2 oGsNaDa
3 2 1 Advances to Ro16
3 oGsInCa 3 1 2 Up and Down Matches (Double Chance)
4 sanZenith 2 0 2 Up and Down Matches

Code A Round of 32 Match Results

Match 11: ST_July [Z] def OdinMVP [T] 2-1
Match 12: SlayerS_YuGiOh [Z] def ZeNEXGuardian [Z] 2-0

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