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Silicon Sports | 31/05/2020

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Code S Group E Results

Code S Group E Results

Group E matches today had a more even race representation with one Zerg, One Terran and two Protoss players, where previous groups were either Zerg or Terran heavy. So we should be able to see some good matches.

Ou first match had ST_RainBOw and LeenockfOu on Shakuras Plateau. With both players positioned in the bottom half of the map it would be interesting to see if they would abuse the rocks separating them. A bit of early harass at the natural from ST_RainBOw’s terran force was repelled by LeenockfOu’s zerglings. This allowed RainBOw to expand and tech to tanks and medivacs. Leenock double expanded and started building his spire. However, the spire was a little late as Rainbow had already started his push through the rocks with a tank/marine/turret turtle to take out Leenock’s main and it was gg from there.

The second match, a PvP face off on Lost temple with players positioned across the map. AnyproPrime.WE tried a four gate with blink stalkers but mis-clicked his blink and could not make it to higher ground. This turned it into Genius’ favour who was able to deflect this initial attack with ease and then take out the Anypro’s expansion a short time later. He was able to avoid the Anypro’s shields on the ramp with his much larger force of blink stalkers and an observer, helped guide them onto higher ground. As soon as Anypro’s shield on the ramp to his main faded, Genius’s immortals and zealots were able to move in to support the stalkers and Anypro promptly gg’d and conceded defeat to the BlizzCon 2010 champion.

As a side note, I have to agree with Tasteless, the new observer has improved a hell of a lot. More production tab vision, more in sync with what Tastosis are talking about and keeping a good eye on the mini-map for battles and interesting build placements. Keep it up!

Next match was a TvP on Delta Quadrant between ST_RainBOw and AnyproPrime.WE. Wow what a quick match. Actually it went a little longer than expected as Anypro would not gg despite losing pretty much all his forces except for a void ray to a marauder/marine/scv push. Anypro teched a little too early with his stargate and didn’t have enough sentries to shield off his ramp to deflect the all-in.

NsPGenius and LeenockfOu fought out a PvZ match on Xel’Naga Caverns with Genius in the south and Leenock north. Genius opened with the Korean Protoss standard, four gate, and dropped a pylon at Leenock’s gold. He played it well, waiting for enough units to come in before really attacking Leenock’s natural. Genius took out the drones, queen and the speedlings at the natural and moved up to the main where he was able to separate Leenock’s forces with excellent sentry force field use on the ramp so he was able to clean up the few units in the main before taking on the remaining speedlings. Very good Protoss play.

So now we have NsPGenius and ST_RainBOw at 2-0 and they will face off for top spot in the group. LeenockfOu, who played so well against Clide in Season 3, will be facing elimination from Code S, but hopefully he can get get a win against AnyproPrime.WE for a double chance in the Up and Down matches.

The fight for the top spot should be really good. ST_RainBOw and NsPGenius went to Shakuras Plateau for their match. Possibly RainBOw’s mid game might prove the difference as Genius has solid opening builds for his early harass and rush. RainBOw sent out an early reaper but could not see Genius’ early robo as a stalker was waiting.

RainBOw pushed through the rocks again, but Genius had the perfect counter using sentry shiedls and dropping immortals in behind the RainBOw’s siege tanks, while the rest of his units picked off the marines and marauders. RainBOw pushed again with his bunker/tank/ marine/medivac force and gained the high ground for a minute before Genius’ immortals rolled over the attack.

RainBOw attacked again for a third time, but Genius had teched to phoenixes to counter the siege tanks and RainBOw’s banshees. Needless to say, Genius worked a great build order at the start to counter RainBOw fromt he very beginning. If you are a Protoss player, check out this match VOD for Shakuras Plateau in PvT match-ups.

AnyproPrime.WE tried an early cannon rush on Jungle Basin. This forced LeenockfOu to cancel his natural expansion to which Anypro cancelled his pylons to expand at his natural. This then turned into a mid-game with Anypro teching to blink and Leenock moving to mutalisks. Anypro started harassing Leenock’s third expansion, but there were too many mutas This ultimately sent Anypro to the bottom of the group and gave Leenock a double chance in the Up and Down matches.

GSL Code S Ro32 Group E

Match 1: ST_RainBOw [T] def LeenockfOu [Z] on Shakuras Plateau
Match 2: NsP_Genius [P] def AnyproPrime.WE [P] on Lost Temple
Match 3: ST_RainBOw [T] def AnyproPrime.WE [P] on Deltra Quadrant
Match 4: NsPGenius [P] def LeenockfOu [Z] on Xel’Naga Caverns
Match 5: NsPGenius [P] def ST_RainBOw [T] on Shakuras Plateau
Match 6: LeenockfOu [Z] def AnyproPrime.WE [P] on Jungle Basin

P Player G W L Status
1 NsPGenius 3 3 0 Advances to Ro16
2 ST_RainBOw
3 2 1 Advances to Ro16
3 LeenockfOu 3 1 2 Up and Down Matches (Double Chance)
4 AnyproPrime.WE 3 0 3 Up and Down Matches

Code A Round of 32 Match Results

Match 7: oGsCezanne [Z] def LiquidRet [Z] 2-1
Match 8: LonerPrime.WE [T] def IMPippi [P] 2-0

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