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Silicon Sports | 03/06/2020

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Code S Group D Results

Code S Group D Results

choyafOu and TSL_Rain faced off in the opening match on Scrap Station in a PvT match that was quite entertaining to watch. choya negated early drops from Rain, but Rain did utilise his marine/marauder/viking army quite well to counter choya’s zealot/stalker/colossus to take first blood.

Good to see Rain has put his cheese tactics back in the cupboard.

Rain’s teammate, TSL_Trickster (Tester), took on ZeNEXKyrix in a PvZ match. This saw an early cannon rush on Kyrix’s fast expansion, which put him miles ahead. Kyrix

TSL_Rain and ZeNEXKyrix played off in the third match. A ‘Client Error’ forced Rain out of the match and the then had to be restarted. Not much was given away by either player so no drama there other than the fact it was about ten minutes in and Rain looked to be well in front. The restarted match saw them in opposite positions on Metalopolis from before. Rain applied early marine pressure but Kyrix’s lings dealt with them to maintain his expansion. Rain teched to mech with blue flame hellions but these were countered by roaches and their impressive range. In the end, Kyrix’s massed army of lings and roaches rolled through Rain’s mech sending both players to a 1-1 record.

TSL_Trickster and choyafOu faced off in a volatile PVP match on Scrap Station. This was a very quick match which saw choya four gate to trump Trickster’s three gate/robotics bay and could not hold.

So now all players are at 1-1! So in the event of a 2-1 or 1-2 tie, the player who beat the other player previously will take top spot.

The TSL players faced off for a spot in the top 2 in the fifth match – only one will stay in Code S. Lost Temple was the battleground and it became quite one sided as soon as Trickster got his dark templars out. Rain was quite slow to respond as his army was about to attack Trickster’s main and had no detection other than scans.

ZeNEXKyrix and choyafOu played off in the final match on Steppes of War to settle the seedings. choyafOu began with an early forge and walled in Kyrix’s main ramp with cannons. Kyrix countered with a mass of roaches to remove the wall of cannons but choya had already started teching to stargates and void rays. This ultimately spelled the end for Kyrix as he could not get anything up to counter those rays.

choyafOu takes out top spot as he beat Trickster. But the biggest suprise (maybe not to some) was TSL_Rain’s fall to the bottom of the group where he will be relegated to the Up and Down matches with only one chance to stay in Code S having to win both of his games.

GSL Code S Ro32 Group D

Match 1: TSL_Rain [T] def choyafOu [P] on Scrap Station
Match 2: TSL_Trickster (Tester) [P] def ZeNEXKyrix [Z] on Metalopolis
Match 3: ZeNEXKyrix [Z] def TSL_Rain [T] on Metalopolis
Match 4: choyafOu [P] def TSL_Trickster [P] on Scrap Station
Match 5: TSL_Trickster [P] def TSL_Rain [T] on Lost Temple
Match 6: choyafOu [P] def ZeNEXKyrix [Z] on Steppes of War

P Player G W L Status
1 choyafOu 3 2 1 Advances to Ro16
2 TSL_Trickster
3 2 1 Advances to Ro16
3 ZeNEXKyrix 3 1 2 Up and Down Matches (Double Chance)
4 TSL_Rain 2 1 2 Up and Down Matches

Code A Round of 32 Match Results

Match 5 – ST_GgoBooGie [P] def TeriusfOu [Z] 2-1
Match 6 – sCfOu [T] def JSLZenith [T] 2-0

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