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Silicon Sports | 24/05/2022

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Code S Group C Results

Code S Group C Results

I unfortunately missed the first match of Group C, but I hear it is a highly recommended game for PvZ, so will have to watch the VOD when it is up tomorrow. Regardless, HongUnPrime.WE defeated oGsTheWind on Xel’Naga Caverns to go 1up.

The second match between SlayerSBoxer and oGsHyperdub was epic. Played on Shakuras Plateau, this Tvt match-up saw both players tech up by BoxeR really stole the show employing a tactic that has been hot on the forums in recent times. Mass Orbital Commands and Mules. This removes the need for using SCVs for mining minerals and allows your active army to have that much more units to roflstomp the opposition. BoxeR, I think, had twelve or so Command Centers – building 7 at the same time and then upgrading them to Orbital Commands. Needless to say, BoxeR had so many units and so many minerals that he was impossible to stop. If I remember correctly, there were two or three Planetary Fortresses and the rest were Orbitals. Awesome to see this tactic put to use in a tournament of this stature. I will definitely be watching the VOD.

One point that has been an issue throughout this new season is the new observer. Tasteless is no longer observing for Tastosis and so they are see things and commentating, but the viewers are not seeing things until it is too late in some instances. Best example so far is when Tasteless is calling out “TOP RIGHT, TOP RIGHT!” and it took the observer about a minute to actually get to the position hitting different positions that had nothing to do with ‘top right’ on the mini-map. There is still a little work to be done to get them new observer in sync, hopefully it improves. We have already seen an improvement by being able to see the production tab most of the time. Maybe if Artosis and Tasteless can use clock positions when instructing the observer it will help.

The third match was a Protoss v Terran game between HongUnPrime.WE and oGsHyperdub on Shakuras Plateau. Hyperdub took advantage in the alte game of some mis-microed Templars to crush HongUn’s expansions and ultimately, the match. Both HyperDub and HongUn are now 1-1.

SlayerSBoxer has really stepped up his game saying he can beat Zerg confidently and he did so against oGsTheWind sending TheWind 0-2 and to the bottom of the group. BoxeR played quite smartly against TheWind using tanks and scans to advance and employed a great tactic of dropping Marauders on Banelings to make them explode and then move in with the main force to take out the remaining army. SlayerSBoxer takes out 1st place in the group and advance to the Round of 16.

This now left the group with BoxeR 2-0, TheWind 0-2 and HongUn and Hyperdub 1-1. Second and third place needed to be settled and so HongUn and Hyperdub fought out the last match of the night on Delta Quadrant.

Surprisingly, Hyperdub prevailed, countering HongUn’s four Void Rays and supporting army and made short work of the small forces remaining in HongUn’s base. Very quick match to finish up the night.

GSL Code S Ro32 Group C

Match 1: HongUnPrime.WE [P] def oGsTheWind [Z] on Xel’Naga Caverns
Match 2: SlayerSBoxeR [T] def oGsHyperdub [Z] on Shakuras Plateau
Match 3: oGsHyperdub [T] def HongUnPrime.WE [P] on Shakuras Plateau
Match 4: SlayerSBoxeR [T] def oGsTheWind [Z] on Metalopolis
Match 5: oGsHyperdub [T] def HongUnPrime.WE [P] on Delta Quadrant

P Player G W L Status
1 SlayerSBoxeR 2 2 0 Advances to Ro16
2 oGsHyperdub
3 2 1 Advances to Ro16
3 HongUnPrime.WE 3 1 2 Up and Down Matches (Double Chance)
4 oGsTheWind 2 0 2 Up and Down Matches

Code A Round of 32 Match Results

Match 3 – TSL_Alive [T] advances to Ro16 after ReXZanDarke [P] withdraws due to personal reasons unfortunately
Match 4 – oGsTop [T] def ST_Ace [P] 2-1

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