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Silicon Sports | 18/07/2019

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Livestream v YouTube

Livestream v YouTube

After yesterday’s casting of the SEA Tournament #1 final, a number on viewers queried the delay on Livestream and the fact that the finalists could have been listening in or even watching what was going on to help them get an upper hand in their match – a sort of map hack if you will.

There is a default delay in the broadcast on Livestream of about 15-20 seconds which is a long time in StarCraft tournament or ladder matches. But the stigma remains. And if there is something there that allows one of the players to get an advantage over the other then something has to be done.

To this end, I will spectate the matches and record them live and then encode them for YouTube. This will remove the ‘map hack’ advantage and allow for higher quality VODs for those interested in watching the match – up to 1080p HD. As a side benefit, I can then provide the AVI file to those who want them via digital distribution.

Livestream won’t die, as once the YouTube clip is up I can then add it to Livestream straight away. Plus I will still cast my own games there – currently working through the Brutal campaign at the moment.

On the Livestream front, I have investigated setting a manual delay of a couple of minutes but it appears that it is not currently available. One of the Procaster Team members said it was a good idea and was going to put it on the roadmap for the software. But that was back in June 2009 and there appears to be no new information at this time.


  1. rezyn8

    My post on Livestream if you want to add your 2c:

  2. rezyn8

    Just checked the Livestream forums on my post there about the delay feature and the team have said that it is not possible and not on their current roadmap. :(