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Silicon Sports | 18/07/2019

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Training Day Achievement

Training Day Achievement

I was asked on YoutTue to re-do this achievement on the 1.1.2 patch and here it is. This has been redone as the Terran Barracks now requires a Supply Depot before it can be built. You can most likely do this faster as there are a couple of errors here and there, but I scraped in producing the tenth Marine at 4 minutes and 15 seconds – five seconds inside the time limit of 320 seconds (5 minutes 20 seconds) – so it can be done!

Races: Terran v Protoss [Medium AI] Map: Agria Valley
Time: 5 minutes 15 seconds (it can be done quicker I am sure!)
Patch: 1.1.2

The Build Order is as follows:

6/11 Supply Depot – Use the first 50 Minerals towards this
7/11 SCV
7/19 Refinery – this is used to get the Reactor for the first Barracks
7/19 Barracks – Should be complete by 2:35
8/19 SCV
9/19 SCV
10/19 Marine
10/19 Barracks – Should be complete by 3:55
10/19 Reactor
10/19 Orbital Command
11 through 19/19 Spam Marines

There is no ‘Achievement Awarded’ in the video because I already have the achievement and can’t be bothered to change over to the NA servers and give it a go :p