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Silicon Sports | 18/07/2019

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StarCraft on Windows 7

StarCraft on Windows 7

With StarCraft II taking the spotlight in the RTS realm, it is always nice to go back to the original, reminisce and remind yourself why you are doing all those campaigns in SC2.

Seeing as StarCraft/Brood War is about twelve years old now, it doesn’t run so great on todays operating systems. For example on Windows 7 it will look like something from the sixties with a psychedelic colour palette limited to 16 colours or it just doesn’t want to run. Blizzard know this has compatibility issues on Vista and above as stated here.

But there is a solution.

Firstly, update to Patch 1.161 available from Blizzard’s Patch Page. Secondly, Blizzard also go on to say you will need to run the game as an Administrator. So if it doesn’t run as expected you can try that.

Finally, for the colour palette issues, I have been using a little batch script to alleviate this issue and also bring some stability to the game on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit platforms. Explorer (not Internet Explorer) causes a couple of issues with the old game code which causes it to show up in bright turquoise colours. You can get around this by creating a script that kills Explorer, runs StarCraft and then runs Explorer again.

Create a batch file via Notepad, name it StarCraft.bat (not .txt), and write the following code in it:

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
“X:\Games (x86)\Blizzard\StarCraft\Starcraft.exe”
start explorer.exe

Be sure to replace ‘X:\Games (x86)’ with the directory StarCraft is installed to on your system. You can then create a shortcut to the batch file (or just run the batch file) to run StarCraft/Brood War and enjoy the nostalgia of one of the best RTS’ in gaming history.

For convenience, you can download the batch file via the following link – just be sure to update the game directory so that it relates to your system: Windows 7 StarCraft/Brood War Colour Fix