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Silicon Sports | 31/05/2020

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Insane Blitz Guide

Insane Blitz Guide

This is a guide on achieving the Insane Blitz Achievement in StarCraft II. This shows the achievement being awarded along with the Very Hard Blitz achievement.


Races: Zerg v Zerg [Insane AI]
Map: Steppes of War
Time: 4 minutes 18 seconds
Patch: 1.1.1

Use the first 50 minerals to create a drone
Mine to 200 minerals and create a Spawning Pool

You can create a couple more drones but make sure you have 200 minerals spare when you send up the three drones to the opposing hatchery.

When the Spawning Pool is nearing completion, send three drones to the opposing hatchery and place them as shown. Two drones for Spine Crawlers and the third drone as a decoy.

With the 200 minerals you have create two Spine Crawlers in the positions between the minerals as seen in the clip.

Use the Spines to attack the drones thenwhen they run away attack the hatchery to lure the Queen.

Once she dies the AI should ‘gg’ and award you the achievement.

This can also be used for the Insane AI Romp achievement as well.