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Silicon Sports | 18/10/2019

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Cataclysm and the road ahead

Cataclysm and the road ahead

I don’t know how but Blizzard have done it again. They’ve managed to make their game compelling again.

Perhaps it’s just me. I have a great desire for Cataclysm to be successful – primarily because I’m hoping it will be a renaissance of difficult content as opposed to the sleep inducing zombification of content that occurred in Wrath of the Lich King. All reports thus far have intimated that the heroic instances are extremely difficult and that you cannot get epic drops from 5 man instances anymore. This is good, good news.

Although the dungeon finder that was implemented recently was a great addition, it has actually removed so much more of the social aspect of the game – anonymity in groups means they’re often silent, cold affairs and the total lack of challenging 5 man content has resulted in no sense of achievement. Certainly there was the halls of frost which could get tricky but on the whole, you queue up, steamroll the instance, and then leave the group without saying a word – or if you do speak you hear nothing in response. This, to me, was getting depressing. I am hopeful that with the upcoming expansion we will see groups being formed on the same realm, and people being remembered for their competence and as such being added to friends’ lists for future runs. I’m hopeful that Cataclysm will mean we’re not an invisible face in the sea of instance zombies but instead can be sought after for our prowess with polymorph, or our awesome healing or the reliable tanking.

Nonetheless, you know there will be complaints about the difficulty and this is really what’s building my anticipation; how will Blizzard respond to the QQ? Will they cave and simplify content? Or will we be told to suck it up and L2P? I hope it’s the former and I have growing suspicions that my hopes will be realised. Think of the main reason people would have been quitting during Wrath of the Lich King – content too easy! I can only assume Blizzard took note of this and has hoped to remedy this complaint in their upcoming expansion.

Anyway so all this excitement has left me with a conundrum. I have no idea which class I will call my main in the new expansion. Or should I say, I had no idea who to make my main… the problem may have been rectified. You see, I suffer from alt-aholism. On my current server I have 3 level 80s, 2 level 75s, a level 60, and 2 level 40s. On alternate servers you will find more characters stranded in the mid-levels with little hope of new spells or some RP with a hot night elf in Goldshire. I have in the past had a bad habit of bouncing around from one main to another resulting in no-one on my roster having very good gear. Every new expansion I promise myself that this will change and make grand plans to create a new main who will be THE GUY for the rest of my days. Someone to grow old with. Someone to complete all achievements with. Someone to eclipse all others.

Inevitably though, I get itchy feet and feel obliged to try something else. But THIS time, I’ve got it right. I’ve now got a Paladin floating around level 40. I’ve always veered away from Paladins as in my experience they’re either too nerdy or too boring to play. This new patch appears to have remedied that as Faery (my blood elf paladin) seriously pwns. She gathers an instance up, tanks it all, and lets the dps go to town. She wears short shorts whenever she can.  She gets instance queues for instances. She sucks at mining and skinning. She’s a PALADIN.

Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how things pan out for the young Faery. Will she make the cut. Will she survive the horrible leveling roadblock that hits at level 60 and then again at 70? Fingers are crossed.