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Oceanic Ladder has started

02/02/2015 |

Get your friends together, register your team and play the OCE Tournaments for points towards winning Riot Points for you and your team mates. The top 80 teams will get points and currently only 37 teams have registered. So what … Read More

100 Heroes Beta Keys up for Grabs!

21/01/2015 |

Greetings friends! The SLCN team has been playing the hell out of Blizzard’s new brawler since the Technical Alpha started last year. It is an absolute blast whether you are solo queuing or five stacking with mates.

With the recent … Read More

Ocean Week is Coming!

19/01/2015 |

With O Week not too far away, Riot OCE has just announced their plans to celebrate with some community objectives to unlock rewards for summoners… including an Artificial Reef! Yes they are going to drop a League Statue in the … Read More

Cheer on SEA’s Best Players this Saturday in WCS Challenger!

16/01/2015 |

This weekend will see the best players of Oceania fighting for a spot in the WCS NA Premier League. After two days of intense competition over the weekend, including a valiant effort by our own SLCN.Law, four players emerged to represent … Read More

Closed beta arrives for Heroes of the Storm

14/01/2015 |

With the smash of DoomHammer the long awaited closed beta for Heroes of the Storm officially began today, with it came a content patch and a lot of bug fixes/character changes.

Below I’ve highlighted some of the major changes and … Read More

New Trailer for Age of Ultron Unleashed!

13/01/2015 |

M A Y  1 S T ,  C A N N O T  W A I T ! ! !Read More

Season 1 Has Begun!

13/01/2015 |

A new year, new maps and a new season has begun for StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm. Time to get out of Gold!

Season 1 of the 2015 StarCraft II ladder has arrived as bonus pools and standings have … Read More

TI5 Dates Announced

12/01/2015 |

Valve’s recent blog post has given us dates for The International Dota 2 Championships – August 3-8 (August 4-9 locally). We have also begun preparation for a TI5 MOBAr/Viewing Party which will be on Sunday August 9. Keep an eye … Read More

Smite World Championships have begun!

10/01/2015 |

The Smite World Championships have begun! Tune in here:

Join us on Monday morning at Breakfast for the Gods for the Grand Final!

Read More

The Best of Oceanic StarCraft 2 Will be Crowned Today

21/12/2014 |

One of our aims here at Silicon Sports is to support the local scene and help it grow. To this end, Silicon Sports is a major sponsor of the OSC, OSEAniC StarCraft 2 Championship, which has been running for two … Read More