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New Trailer for Age of Ultron Unleashed!

13/01/2015 |

M A Y  1 S T ,  C A N N O T  W A I T ! ! !Read More

Season 1 Has Begun!

13/01/2015 |

A new year, new maps and a new season has begun for StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm. Time to get out of Gold!

Season 1 of the 2015 StarCraft II ladder has arrived as bonus pools and standings have … Read More

TI5 Dates Announced

12/01/2015 |

Valve’s recent blog post has given us dates for The International Dota 2 Championships – August 3-8 (August 4-9 locally). We have also begun preparation for a TI5 MOBAr/Viewing Party which will be on Sunday August 9. Keep an eye … Read More

Smite World Championships have begun!

10/01/2015 |

The Smite World Championships have begun! Tune in here:

Join us on Monday morning at Breakfast for the Gods for the Grand Final!

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The Best of Oceanic StarCraft 2 Will be Crowned Today

21/12/2014 |

One of our aims here at Silicon Sports is to support the local scene and help it grow. To this end, Silicon Sports is a major sponsor of the OSC, OSEAniC StarCraft 2 Championship, which has been running for two … Read More

Oceania to Join the Fight in SMITE World Championship Season 2

18/12/2014 |

We love bringing great events to the Melbourne and Australian gaming community with awesome events like BarCraft events for the StarCraft 2 GSL (returning March 14) and the recent stadium experience for the League of Legends World Championships. We will … Read More

SLCN Counter Strike GO Team Update

17/12/2014 | CS:GO is pleased to welcome Mitch ‘emarosa’ Littlejohn. He will be part of the core five man team, joining ‘Carbunkle’, ‘z0nia’, ‘HadeS’, ‘shN’ and ‘burkus’. He brings a wealth of experience from playing in several strong teams in the … Read More

SMITE Breakfast of the Gods!

16/12/2014 |

SMITE World Championship Viewing Parties

To revel in the SMITE World Championships taking place in Atlanta, Georgia from January 9-11, a number of MOBAr viewing parties are being organised in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.

With the SWC taking place in a … Read More

Happy Birthday Kez!

16/12/2014 |

Join us as we wish our very own hulk a very Happy Birthday today!

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Attention Androids, Hearthstone is now LIVE!

16/12/2014 |

Hearthstone has finally arrived for Android! And even better we get to play it first! Also check out the Hearthstone AMA on reddit with Development team members Ben Brode, Yong Woo, Christina Sims for a great insight on what is … Read More