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Silicon Sports | | July 26, 2014

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ACL Sydney Preview

15/07/2014 |

With the month being July you may be forgiven for being complacent about the upcoming ACL Sydney. This however, would be a disaster if you’re an avid SEAsports fanatic, given the fact this may be the last major LAN Australia … Read More

SLCN Represent! SEA Server Lives!

09/07/2014 |

Our very own SLCN.CautioN was on the PR trail for Silicon Sports in Korea generating support and looking to sign on a Korean pro. In his downtime during his busy schedule he had a chance to drop in to the … Read More

Pricing for Curse of Naxxramus

09/07/2014 |

Not too long to wait now. Curse of Naxxramus will soon be unleashed now that Blizzard have released the pricing structure for the different chapters. The nitty gritty of the announcement can be summarised with the following points: Counter Strike: Global Offensive

04/07/2014 | 1

We are very excited to announce Counter Strike: Global Offensive as the latest addition to Team SLCN.Pro.

The CS:GO team features a mixture of old school Counter Strike players along with young talent in Victoria. Captained by Yang ‘Carbunkle’ Wong, … Read More

Operation Breakout is Live!

03/07/2014 |

Operation Breakout is Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s latest update bringing in not one, but six highly rated community-created maps as well as mission drops.

The six new maps, Black Gold, Castle, Insertion, Mist, Overgrown and Rush, are accessible by everyone … Read More

Dota 2 Compendium Overflows

02/07/2014 |

With over $10 million dollars already raised for the Dota 2 International this year, Valve has released more rewards through Compendium stretch goals achievements! Check out the screenshots below.

A pile of Compendium rewards have just been released! … Read More

ANZ Servers for Heroes!

02/07/2014 |

In a similar move to the recent Diablo 3 local server announcement, Arcagnion from Blizzard ANZ, has posted in the Heroes of the Storm forum & twitter that ANZ players now have a local server to play on!

Check your account … Read More

Season 3 Ladder Map Pool

01/07/2014 |

Blizzard have announced the updated map pool for StarCraft 2′s Season 3 Ladder.

Removed maps:

  • Habitation Station LE
  • Frost LE
  • Alterzim Stronghold LE
  • Waystation

I am actually sad to see Habitation exit the pool. It was a fun … Read More

Heroes & Real Money Prices

27/06/2014 |

Blizzard have announced they will be opening up the Heroes Alpha to other regions in the coming months – see below to see how you can join in. With that comes the real money shop. Below I have collated a … Read More

2.1.0 Patch Now Available on PTR

26/06/2014 |

Want to test out the exciting new features such as Seasons, Leaderboards, Greater Rifts & Cesspools being added to Diablo 3 in the upcoming 2.1.0 patch? Simply create PTR account and get your hack and slash on!

Patch … Read More