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The Nexus Returns, Heroes of the Storm online.

08/10/2014 |

The calm before the storm has ended and today Blizzard have bought Heroes of the Storm back online after a more than a week offline. With it comes a new patch and many changes along with new Heroes, Skins and … Read More

Friday Freebie – Sanctum

03/10/2014 |

Here is my next free Steam for whoever is quickest on the keyboard, the FPS Tower Defence game, Sanctum! Enjoy!

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FreebieFriday – Goat Simulator

26/09/2014 |

I have a number of game codes that I am never going to use so I am going to start giving them away through Silicon Sports. Generally, these will mostly be Steam codes so you can try to be the … Read More

Tickets to our Worlds Viewing Party Now on Sale!

26/09/2014 | 1

Ticket sales are now open for the Silicon Sports 2014 Worlds Viewing Party at Village Cinemas Crown, proudly sponsored by Steel Series!

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#DreamPool Voting Has Begun

25/09/2014 |


With all the serious competitions winding up around the globe in the next few weeks, its refreshing to see Blizzard turn around and say, “let’s have some fun!”. We all get to vote on what maps will be in … Read More

BlizzCon In Game Goodies Revealed

24/09/2014 |

BlizzCon is not too far away and Blizzard have just let us have glimpse of what to expect for in game goodies for all attendees and Virtual Ticket holders.

Grommloc looks pretty cool as a Murky/Warlords of Draenor mashup. The … Read More

Patch 2.1.4 Available to All Regions

24/09/2014 |

Ryan Schutter’s GameHeart officially becomes part of StarCraft II with enhanced team colours and effects and modifications to the observer interface.

What I am hoping is fixed is the display freeze that occasionally occurs about 15 to 20 seconds into … Read More

The Rekindling Soul Update

24/09/2014 |

Not only has Shadow Fiend been overhauled and granted a new Arcana item set, 6.82 sees Phantom Lancer and once again, Bloodseeker, reworked also. The map has also been slightly changed with Roshan’s Den altered slightly, access to top lane … Read More

An eSports Experience not to be Missed!

22/09/2014 |

Silicon Sports & Village Cinemas present The 2014 League of Legends World Championships.

If you can’t be at Sangnam Stadium, this is the next best thing. Join us at Village Cinemas Crown on October 19 from 4:45pm for an eSports experience not … Read More